Thursday, December 3, 2015

BOISSEVAIN | Reunion April 16-17 Amsterdam (Updated March 26, 2016)

December 3, 2015

Dear Relatives!

We so far have received 40 registrations for the reunion. (As of March 16, 2016, the number has risen to 120.) Many relatives from outside the Netherlands have signed up. Therefore we ask residents of Holland to put the date in their calendar and register via the email address below.

For catering and organizational reasons we would like to know ahead of time how many people we need to accommodate. Fairly soon we will provide a list with the names of the relatives who will definitely participate.

The M.V. Boissevain at work in 1961, evacuating people from a volcano.
A 1991 stamp.
Tentative Program
Saturday, April 16

1 PM Welcome, tea, coffee (covered by registration fee) 

2 PM Formal reunion meeting
  • news about the Boissevain Foundation
  • short reading about maritime Boissevains
  • present Boissevain Award
  • practise Boissevain Song
  • auction of Boissevain books
3-5 PM  Drinks & bites (covered by registration fee)

6 PM Dinner (paid by participants'  credit cards or cash)

Sunday April 17

Visit to Pampus Island

The fort on Pampus Island was commissioned in 1895 and was armed with four Krupp 240mm (9.5") guns deployed in two hydraulically operated cupolas of two guns each. Electric lifts brought shells and cartridges up from the magazines on the ground floor. These guns fired a shell weighing about two-thirds of a short ton (280 kg) for a range of up to eight km. Each gun had a crew of an NCO and six gunners, who could get off one shot every six minutes. Pampus was one of only four forts in the Amsterdam Defence Line armed with large-caliber guns. The other three forts were the forts near IJmuiden, Velsen, and Spijkerboor. The island was restored in 2004 and is a much-praised-by-TripAdvisor half-day trip.

Reunion Fee

The Jantjes and Charletjes in 2006. The grandson of 
Charles Boissevain is holding the card. Aviva
 is behind him to his right.
The charges for the drinks, dinner and Sunday program will be paid at the time with credit cards or cash. 

The Boissevain Foundation only charges a basic amount–10 (ten) euros per participant, which includes tea/coffee at 1 PM and drinks & bites after 3 pm on Saturday. Children up to 12 years old are free. 

This is because we want as many relatives to be present for as many events as possible, even if they can come just for a short time.


Registration has started. Please let us know which part of the program you will attend and how many people.


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Annemie, Aviva, Barbera and Charles Boissevain