Sunday, April 3, 2016

BOISSEVAIN | Reunions, Jantjes and Charlestjes, 2001, 2006

In preparation for the Boissevain Family Reunion on April 16-17 in Amsterdam, I am looking over photos from earlier family reunions. Here are the Jantjes (L) and Charletjes (R) from 2006. (Photo from Boissevain Bulletin, Jan and Charles were both sons of Gédéon Jérémie Boissevain.

Below are the Charletjes only, in Amsterdam, from 2001? Harder to make out the faces.

Descendants of CHARLES BOISSEVAIN (1842-1927, NP 62): Standing (Back row): Willem, Diederik, Gilad Grinberg, Guy de Brantes, Inga B.-Otterstrand, Frederick, Jeremy, Menso de Jong, Daryl van Wouw, Alex de Jong, Robert de Jong, Bertha Mendel-van Wouw, Charles (2x). Standing (2nd row): Laurens Pearson, Jane B.-Rotch, Mies de Jong-Kaars Sijpesteijn, Marianne, John Tepper Marlin, Neeltje ? (friend of van Daryl), Lorna de Jong-Gibson, Ilse van Wouw-Komproe. Sitting on Chairs: Hester Grinberg-B., Claartje, Marina de Brantes-B., Elizabeth, Sheila O'Neill-Marlin, Sacha, Aviva, Brigitte B.-Fuchs with small son Philippe, Isaney B.-van Hall with her daughter Céline-Aleï, Barbera van Herpen-B. with son Lucas. Sitting on floor: Saskia, Pandora Pearson, Jeremy, Patrick Pearson, Bob with small son Laurens, Iaira, Valentijn.

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  1. Boissevain Family Reunions–1992 and 2006. There were others, and we just had another one in 2016.