Tuesday, February 21, 2017

RIP | Ernst Gulian Boissevain (1924-2017)

February 21, 2017–Ernst Gulian Boissevain (1924-2017) has recently died, according to Charles Boissevain in Leidschendam. Here is basic information on Ernst, his father Gulian Boissevain and his grandfather Willem Boissevain. 

Ernst has written for the Boissevain Foundation about the life and four wives of his uncle Ernest William Boissevain.

His grandfather father Willem Boissevain was born on 07-07-1849 in Amsterdam, son of Eduard Constantin Boissevain and Emma (Burridge) Nicholls. Willem died on 12-06-1925 in Hilversum, at 75. Willem married twice:
(1) at the age of 21, on 13-04-1871 in London Cecilia Henrietta Nugent, aged 21. Cecilia was born on 22-10-1849 in Clonteen (Westmeath, Ireland), daughter of George Thomas John Nugent and Mary Josephine Thouret. Cecilia died on 11-01-1886 on Baarn, at the age of 36. 
(2) at the age of 39, on 16-05-1889 in Utrecht, Mathilde Margaretha Cornelia de Geer, aged 22. Mathilde was born on 24-03-1867 in Utrecht, daughter of Bathold Jacob Lintelo de Geer and Cornelia Anna Alexandrina Louisa van Asch van Wijck. Mathilde died on 02-03-1945 in Hilversum, at 77. 

His father Gulian Daniël Willem Boissevain, was born on 25-06-1891 in Baarn, son of Willem and his second wife Mathilde. His father's brother was Ernest William Boissevain, born on 05-02-1898 in Amsterdam. 

Ernst Gulian Boissevain was born on 10-03-1924 in Aerdenhout, son of Gulian Daniël Willem Boissevain and Emilie van Rossem. Ernst married, at the age of 38, on 26-10-1962 in Haarlem Johanna Clara Jacoba Laan, aged 23 years. The marriage was dissolved on 19-11-1986 in Apeldoorn. Johanna was born on 05-06-1939 in Bloemendaal, daughter of Kaymond Eugène Laan and Elizabeth Johanna Jacoba van der Lee. 

Children of Ernst and Johanna :
1 Johanna Maria Boissevain, born on 28-11-1963 in Aerdenhout 

2 Raymond Gulian Boissevain, born on 31-10-1965 in Aerdenhout 

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