Friday, August 21, 2015

BOISSEVAIN | Aviva's Urgent Appeal for a School: You Only Click Twice

Aviva Boissevain asks for your two clicks for her
proposed school.
Aviva Boissevain is the daughter of Charles Boissevain, who is the grandson of the newspaper editor who is also my mother's grandfather.

She is supporting a proposed French school in Amsterdam. I have voted for it.

She has asked me to notify relatives and friends of the Boissevain family in the USA.

The school is targeted at Huguenots and other refugees from French-speaking countries.

Aviva would like you to vote for a plan she wrote for the Amsterdam Government for the starting of such a school. The deadline is TOMORROW!

You only click twice:

1. Click on the link:

2. Then click on "Like" at lower left.

Aviva says: "Many thanks in advance."

She adds: "Voting ends TOMORROW - Sunday, August 23, 23:59 Dutch time - i.e., 5:59 pm Eastern Daylight Savings time, or 2:59 pm in California."

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