Friday, August 28, 2015

xBOISSEVAIN–Eugen (Superseded2)

Edna St. Vincent Millay and Eugen
Boissevain on their honeymoon, 1923.
This post has been superseded by this one. A few paragraphs are left up here to preserve links and a small x has been placed in front of the name of the post to indicate it has been superseded.

This photo is IDed as Mary Pinchot. But
"Stepper" tells me this is fashion model Lee
 Miller, muse of Man Ray. She was a war
correspondent and food writer for the British

Eugen Boissevain, my great uncle, is cited by Nina Burleigh in her book A Very Private Woman (p. 40). This is a biography of Mary Elo Pinchot Meyer, daughter of Amos Pinchot (younger brother of Pennsylvania Gov. Gifford Pinchot) and Ruth Pickering Pinchot.

Amos and Ruth Pinchot had two daughters:
  • Antoinette ("Tony") Pinchot, who married Washington Post Publisher Benjamin C. Bradlee, and
  • Florence Deshon and Max Eastman.

  • Mary Elo Pinchot, a smart (Brearley and Vassar) and beautiful socialite who married Cord Meyer. She is alleged to have used marijuana or LSD or both with JFK in the White House. JFK reportedly wanted to marry her during his presidency. In October 1964 she was killed professionally (one bullet to the head, one to the heart, at point-blank range) walking on the C&O towpath in Washington.
Mentioned by Burleigh on the same page (40) of her book are Inez Milholland and Max Eastman. Eastman lived in the same house as Charlie Chaplin; both apparently rented from Eugen.

Eastman reportedly introduced Chaplin to Florence Deshon, who is said to have become Chaplin's lover for a while.

Also mentioned in Burleigh's book is Edna St. Vincent Millay, Eugen's second wife, who grew up in Maine. On May 19, 1985 a story by Emilie Harting appeared in the New York Times as a travel piece about Millay's days in Maine for. Here is a version on Yumpu.


  1. That is not Mary Pinchot in the above picture, but rather photographer & fashion model Lee Miller. Lee Miller was one of Man Ray's muses. She later became a war correspondent and food writer for British Vogue.

  2. Thanks for this comment. I will note it below the photo.

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