Friday, July 29, 2016

INEZ | Let's Get that Mountain Renamed

The portrait of Inez made
in 1924 for the Pageant in
Alice Paul has had the Sewall-Belmont House named after her. It is now a National Park Service Monument and is renamed the Belmont-Paul house, recognizing Alma Vanderbilt Belmont's great contributions to the National Woman's Party and Alice Paul's leadership.

But the great inspiration for the final push for suffrage was Inez Milholland. 

Her portrait hung in splendor over the mantelpiece of the Belmont-Paul House until 2011, when the mantelpiece was removed.

A committee headed by Allegra Milholland and Alfred Boissevain (nephew of Inez's husband Eugen; my late mother was Eugen's niece) raised the funds to restore the portrait. I helped put together the committee.

Mt. Discovery is in the back of Meadowmount, where
Inez Milholland grew up and learned to ride, in
 Lewis, N.Y., the site of a suffrage pageant in 1924.
The Milholland home is now a music school.
August 6, 2016 will be the 130th birthday of Inez Milholland Boissevain. November 25 will be the 100th anniversary of her death.  

She collapsed in the middle of campaigning for women suffrage and died a few weeks later. In this centennial year, how can we best create a memorial for her?

The newspapers in 1916 said that Mt. Discovery (its peak 1,552 feet above sea level) would be renamed. It is part of the Meadowmount property in Lewis, Essex County, N.Y. that John E. Milholland purchased. It is supposed to be renamed Mt. Inez. But it hasn't happened. 

What would it take to make this happen?
Governor Cuomo, can you do something to remember this great woman who fought for human rights? (Matilda Cuomo, wouldn't this be a good idea?)

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