Friday, October 2, 2015

BOISSEVAIN | Reunions–2016 Is #11 (Updated June 29, 2016)

The Boissevain Family Reunions seem to happen about every five years.
  • Reunion 6 was in Amsterdam in 1989.
  • Reunion 7 was in Boissevain, Manitoba, in 1992, organized by Tice Boissevain. I was there.
  • Reunion 8 was in Amsterdam in 2001. I was there.
  • Reunion 9 was in Amsterdam in 2006. I was there.
  • Reunion 10 was in Amsterdam in 2011. I was there.
  • Reunion 11 was in Amsterdam in 2016, organized by Aviva Boissevain. Here is the first notice that was sent. I was there along with about 140 others, including 40 from overseas.
Below is the first of the five pages of a newsletter that Aviva Boissevain prepared after Reunion 10. Email me and I will send or post the other four pages. 

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