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BOISSEVAIN | Reunion 1992, Manitoba-Aug. 21-22 (Updated July 9, 2016)

Al Boissevain (L), grandson of Charles Handelsblad
Boissevain, a fellow Charlestje (Orange) at the 1992
Reunion. Tice Boissevain is at right. They were among
 the few survivors of Gen8; my mother was another.
Tice died in 1998, my mother in 2006. Photo by JT Marlin.
Attendance at the reunion, by name and family group. Note that everyone at the reunion was
a descendant of 1223.
The late Tice (for Matthijs, or Thijs) Boissevain was the key organizer of the 1992 Boissevain Reunion, which was held in Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada.

Next year will be its 25th anniversary.

The town of Boissevain is named after Adolphe Boissevain, who was a railroad financier and member of the Board of Directors of a railway line that created the town by adding a spur on the trans-Canada railway line.

The 1992 attendance list is shown below.

Photos were taken of the five reunion subgroups, in front of a billboard honoring Adolphe Boissevain and his creation of the town.

To Adolphe's left is a man in a cap named Musgrave. He worked for the railway and met the first train in 1885 and the last one in 1958.

Tice used the Henry System of genealogical numbering. Everyone's number began with 122-3. Then colors were assigned as follows based on the 5th and 6th numbers:
15-Jantjes-Yellows (seven attending, including Tice). Jan was the fifth child of Gedeon Jeremie Boissevain.
16-Charlestjes-Oranges (three listed, two attending, Al Boissevain and I). Charles was the sixth child of Gedeon Jeremie.
68-Descendants of Adolphe Boissevain - Purples (two attending)
96-Blues (six attending).
99-Greens (35 attending, two-thirds of the group).

15–Jantjes (Yellow)

The 1 refers to Gedeon Jeremie and the 5 to Jan Boissevain.

Jantjes. Matthijs (Tice) is third from the left and Romelia (Rommie) his daughter is at far right.

Conference Badge and
Postcard of the Town of Boissevain.
16–Charlestjes (Orange)

The badge at right shows that I am an Orange, because numbers 5 and 6 are 16.

It also shows I am in Gen9, because there are nine numbers. I am the fifth child of Hilda van Stockum, whose number is 122-316-61, Gen8. She was the eldest child of Olga Boissevain, whose number is 122-316-6, Gen7. 

Olga was the sixth child of Charles Handelsblad Boissevain, born 1842, who was 122-316, Gen6, founder of the Oranges. Charles was the sixth child of Gideon Jeremie Boissevain, 122-31, Gen5. (Gideon Jeremie was the eldest of the children in his family, so he is a 1 in Gen4.)

A complete list of descendants for the first six generations is available here.
Al Boissevain with 1937 portrait of him by Hilda van Stockum, my
mother. Photo by JT Marlin.

The only other member of the group besides me was Al Boissevain.

He brought with him to show me a portrait of him by my mother in 1937. 

She also offered to do a portrait of Al's brother Fergus but their mother Anne Deterling (Robert's second wife) Boissevain preferred a portrait be done of their cat, as I remember the story.

Al Boissevain in 1992 was operating vineyards in California. He subsequently moved to Indiana to be near his daughter.
Purples, descendants of Adolphe
Boissevain: Tom Lesser and
Kathleen Kritta.


At right are the Purples (68), descendants of Adolphe Boissevain – Tom Lesser and Kathleen Kritta of St. Paul, Minn.


The six Blues are all from Ridgeway, Ont.


The photo at left is of the Greens, who constituted 35 of the 53 registered participants in the reunion.
The Greens, who were the majority of those who
attended the 1992 Reunion. Photo by JT Marlin.

Half of the Greens (18) are from Alberta–especially Calgary and Edmonton.

The other big contingent is from Austin, Tex.

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