Sunday, June 12, 2016


I am working on this with Noah Sisk (Gen11), son of Dean and Kara Wilkinson Sisk (Gen10). His grandmother is Pamela Boissevain Wilkinson (Gen9), who accompanied her grandson to the Amsterdam Reunion in 2016. His great-grandfather Matthijs (Tice) Boissevain (Gen8) organized the Boissevain, Manitoba Reunion 1992 and died in 1998 in the midst of trying to make a list of every member of the Boissevain family, including female lines. His grandmother's sisters Kim Boissevain Buck (Gen9) and Romelia Boissevain Kalff (Gen9) were also at the 2016 Amsterdam Reunion.

Boissevain Family Dutch Origins . Gens 0-6 Bios . Gens 1-9 List

Danieltjes, Children of Daniel
  1. Dn1
  2. Dn2
Jantjes, Children of Jan Boissevain
  1. Jn1
  2. Jn2
Charlestjes, Children of Charles Handelsblad Boissevain (1842-1927):
Charles E.H.
3 Alfred Gideon
4 Robert Walrave
6 Olga Emily van Stockum
7 Hilda Gerarda de Booy
8 Eugen Jan and Inez Milholland
9 Petronella Johanna (Nella) Hissink
A Jan Maurits
B Teau de Beaufort

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